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  • Home Improvement Program

    Start here for to find out what home improvement projects can save you money and energy!
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  • Marathon Water Heater

    All-electric Marathon water heaters are the toughest water heaters available today. Find out how they can save you money and energy.
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  • Energy Audit

    Start here for personalized tips to help you save money by lowering your energy bill.
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  • Smart Meters

    The state-of-the-art technology behind the Smart Meter system will help provide all our customers with a host of new and future benefits.

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15 Testimonials

Aaron converted to a Marathon and loves not having a gas bill  
Carson looks forward to his next upgrade  
Cherylene made home improvements with comfort in mind  
Customers appreciate Georgia Power’s energy efficiency tips & programs  
Customers benefit from the Georgia Power EarthCents Lighting Program  
Donald’s In-Home Energy Audit generated $1500 in savings  
Georgia Power’s EarthCents Refrigerator Recycling Program receives a warm reception  
Georgia Power’s energy efficiency programs add up to savings  
Josh took advantage of the rebates & the federal tax credit  
Lynette’s Marathon® goes the extra mile  

15 Testimonials