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  • New enrollments for Premium Surge are no longer available, we have rolled out a new surge protection program, SurgeDefender™.

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Premium Surge Protection for Your Home

Why? Because it only takes a second. That’s how long it takes for a surge to enter your home through the electric, telephone and satellite/cable TV lines, damaging or destroying your appliances and electronics.

We Can Help Prevent the Damage

A commercial-grade product, Premium Surge Protection works to help guard the three most critical places where a surge could enter your home: electric, phone and/or cable/satellite TV lines. Surge protection devices help protect your major appliances, computers, TVs, telephones and other electronics. Standard point-of-use surge protectors can’t provide this level of protection – even if you have one for every outlet in your home.

$50,000 Worth of Protection *

In addition to around-the-clock protection, Premium Surge Protection provides the industry’s leading manufacturer’s warranty. Should a surge somehow penetrate the system and damage your electronics or appliances, the Tesco manufacturer’s warranty covers the repair or replacement of the damaged items up to $5,000 per item and an aggregate $50,000 per incident. And unlike homeowner’s insurance policies, this is a product warranty so there is no deductible.

*Some restrictions apply. Please see terms and conditions for restrictions.

Maximum Protection for Minimal Cost

Manufacturer’s warranty covers home appliances and electronics. For just cents a day, you can protect your electronics and appliances with one of the best surge protection systems available. Repairing or replacing just one of these items would cost substantially more!

Items not covered include:

  1. Medical, healthcare and life support equipment.
  2. Real property and fixtures
  3. Equipment or appliances in or associated with detached buildings or fixtures, including, but not limited to, garages.
  4. Personal property which, in the equipment manufacturer’s (Tesco’s) reasonable discretion, does not constitute ordinary in-home electronic equipment or mechanical appliances.
  5. In-home electronic equipment or mechanical appliances which, in Tesco’s reasonable discretion, are deemed to be used primarily for commercial purposes or extraordinary home office/business purposes.
  6. Products, materials, data or information used or stored on or in in-home electronic equipment or mechanical appliances.

The surge protection system cannot prevent damage from, and the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover, the following:

  1. Surges that do not pass through the surge protection system, including near-hit lightning strikes. Indirect surges can enter a residence through many entrances, including sprinkler systems, doorbells, water lines, buried electronic fences and exterior metal surfaces, increasing your risk of damage.
  2. Misuse, abuse, unauthorized servicing or modifications of the surge protection system.
  3. Alteration to the electrical, telephone or cable/satellite system to which the surge protection equipment is installed.
  4. Any continued “over-voltage” that passes through the surge protection system (such as a damaged or lost “neutral”).
  5. Direct lightning strike(s) to the residence or surrounding property.
  6. Earthquakes, natural disasters and acts of God.
  7. Brownouts, under-voltage or power outages.
  8. Any events for which a state of emergency is announced by any governmental authority for your geographic region or jurisdiction.
  9. Minor surges that are insufficient to activate the operation of the surge protection system.
New enrollments for Premium Surge are no longer available. For help with your Premium Surge service, warranty or claims call 1-800-403-9980.
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