Paperless Billing

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A Smart Choice

Take Control of your time by getting your bill online.  Say goodbye to writing checks, and hello to paperless billing!


  • Online Bill is an Exact Copy of Your Paper Bill
  • Receive Email Reminders to Pay
  • View and Print Previous Bills
  • Receive an e-mail notification each month when your paperless bill is sent
  • Immediate payment confirmation – No more worrying about your check being lost or arriving late in the mail
  • Save or print the online bill to your computer for record-keeping purposes
  • It’s secure and convenient
  • No need for stamps and trips to the post office
  • Helps the environment by reducing paper
  • You can always switch back to receiving a paper bill
  • Paperless billing is FREE


Getting Started is Simple

Step 1:  Register Online at

  • Enter your “Name” and “Password,” or click “Register Now” if it’s your first time
  • If you are registering for the first time, click “Create a Profile”
  • Accept the “Terms of Service” and your ready for Step 2

Step 2:  Add Your Account

  • Enter your “Access Code” and “Account Number”
  • “Skip” the Enrollment Wizard

Step 3:  Sign Up For Paperless Billing

  • Select the “Paperless” option
  • Select your “reminder days”
  • Click “Save” and enjoy Paperless Billing
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