Lighting Program

  • Multifamily Rebates

    Multifamily Rebates
    Multifamily Rebates

    Get rebates for installing qualifying ENERGY STAR® certified appliances in residential multifamily units.

  • Take the “Change the World” Pledge

Georgia Power wants to help our customers save money and use energy more efficiently. That’s why we periodically offer special pricing on select packages of ENERGY STAR® certified CFL and LED lighting at participating retail locations statewide.

Family purchasing CFL Bulbs.

The retail markdown on energy-efficient lighting offered by Georgia Power at Costco, The Home Depot and Walmart has concluded for the summer. Check back for information on any future markdowns.

Take the Change a Light, Change the World Pledge

Take the pledge to change at least one standard incandescent light bulb to an ENERGY STAR certified CFL, and make other changes like switching to ENERGY STAR certified appliances and products, ensuring homes are properly sealed, and recycling inefficient second refrigerators.

Switch to CFL & LED Bulbs and Save

Not only will you instantly save money at the register, but you will continue to save money at home.

ENERGY STAR certified CFL and LED lights consume 75 percent less energy than conventional incandescent lights. CFLs can last up to seven years and LEDs can last up to 25 years.

How to Choose the Right CFL or LED for You


CFL Recycling

Georgia Power has partnered with The Home Depot to offer recycling for compact fluorescent light bulbs at the retailer’s stores in Georgia. Georgia Power sponsors in-store bins at all 88 The Home Depot locations in the state, which creates the state’s most widespread recycling program for CFLs.

For more information about the CFL recycling program, visit

Find a The Home Depot location near you, or visit


Broken CFL?

If a CFL should break in your home, EPA provides cleanup guidelines that can be performed by the general public.


LED Disposal

More than 95 percent of an LED bulb is recyclable; simply call your local waste management company to learn its policies for collecting and recycling.

Since LED bulbs do not contain mercury and do not require special recycling, non-working LED bulbs can be placed in the garbage.