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Programs for Existing Multifamily Properties

The Home Energy Improvement Program helps Georgia Power customers reduce energy use, save on utility costs and improve the indoor air quality and comforts of their dwelling. The Whole House approach promotes a holistic method of reducing electricity use through the installation of multiple prescriptive improvements. The Individual Improvements approach allows multifamily property owners incentives for installing one or more individual energy efficiency measures.

The incentive amounts are based on the property achieving a 25% electricity (kWh) savings. The 2017 Multifamily Whole House Home Energy Improvement Program participation is limited. A Whole House Application for a reservation must be made in advance and approved prior to any rebates being paid. All Individual Improvement applications must pre-qualify. Georgia Power rebates up to $400 per unit per year for Whole House and up to $300 per unit per year for Individual Improvements. Please contact 1-877-310-5607 for additional information.