Electric Water Heater Tank Wrap

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If your water heater is more than seven years old, chances are it’s wasting energy. Today’s water heaters are much more efficient, saving you energy and money. Be sure to wrap your electric water heater with an insulated blanket. Read the installation instructions/warranty to make sure this doesn’t void the warranty.

There are two different options available for customers interested in wrapping their electric water heater:

Georgia Power homeowners may be eligible to have an insulation blanket installed for free on electric water heaters that are over five years old and located in an unconditioned space. Schedule a FREE In-home Energy Audit today to see if you qualify.


Georgia Power homeowners may be eligible to receive up to a $50 Home Energy Improvement Program rebate on qualified installations. To learn more about the preconditions and requirements, please see the rebate brochure under “Applications & Forms” or call 1-877-310-5607.

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Watch a Water Heater Thermostat Instructional Video

Save money and energy by lowering your water heater thermostat. A setting of 120° F is fine for most homes.

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