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All-electric Marathon water heaters are the toughest water heaters available today.

Every Marathon water heater comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime tank warranty – a no-leak promise made possible by unique, superior construction that allows a Marathon water heater to withstand years of plumbing pressure as well as the solvent nature of the water. Marathons are tough on the outside with an inner tank that won’t rust, corrode, or leak – ever.

Marathon says it will be the last water heater you’ll ever need for your home.

The Marathon water heater is environmentally friendly too. Marathon water heaters are built to last a lifetime in your home, not in a landfill.

How to Order

Marathon® Water Heater Water Heating $525

Get a $525 rebate when you replace your gas heater with a durable electric Marathon® water heater. This Marathon rebate offer cannot be combined with any other water heating offers. Certain restrictions may apply. Must be a Georgia Power customer to qualify for rebate. Rebate offer ends December 31, 2017.  For more information, call 1.800.524.2421 or email us*

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Customer Testimonials

Why Customers Love their Marathon Water Heaters

Lynnette from Martinez:
“I love that thing with all my heart! I’m a trucker and when I get home we have about 20 loads of laundry to do. I can take a shower and have enough hot water to do laundry at the same time!”

Maggie from Columbus:
“I really like it, I think it’s great. It worked out perfect for us. When we installed it, we had a tankless gas water heater. I really didn’t care for the tankless unit. It was supposed to be pretty economical but we didn’t see much of a savings. Instead of putting a regular gas one in, we decided to put the Marathon in the crawl space under the house so it’s closer to the kitchen. My husband had researched online and found very high ratings for the Marathon and then we got the email about the rebate and it seemed like a good way to go. It immediately gave us hot water after we installed it, which was pretty amazing.”

Aaron from Gray:
“I love it! It sure does help. We love not having a gas bill. We just went up to Atlanta to get it and my electrician friend helped install it, it was real easy. We have it in our laundry room and so far, so good! It’s doing its job.”

Carson from Macon:
“I tried it out last night and my old gas heater would run out of hot water after a 5 minute shower and the Marathon was still going well after that. I have to take hot showers for migraine headaches. I appreciate this offer and look forward to the day I can replace my furnace!”