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Did you know that your home’s second largest energy user is the hot water heater? Take control of your energy use by choosing an electric water heater and see how economical and efficient it can be. With an electric water heater, there is no pilot light to worry about, no fumes from gas or carbon monoxide, and no ventilation problems. A family of four can have all the hot water they need for about $39* per month. An electric water heater is low maintenance and has a long life expectancy. It’s also economical.

Benefits of Electric Water Heating
  • Avoids using a combustion process to heat water
  • Good indoor air quality
  • Simple and convenient operation and maintenance
  • Easy adherence to building codes and standards
  • More efficient and functional
  • Low standby loss
  • Easy to incorporate into home design
  • Easy installation

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Marathon® Water Heater Water Heating $525

Get a $525 rebate when you replace your gas heater with a durable electric Marathon® water heater. This Marathon rebate offer cannot be combined with any other water heating offers. Certain restrictions may apply. Must be a Georgia Power customer to qualify for rebate. Rebate offer ends December 31, 2016.  For more information, call 1.800.524.2421 extension 100 or email us*

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Heat Pump Water Heating System: Converting From a Gas Water Heater Water Heating $550

Georgia Power customers can take advantage of up to a $550 rebate when they convert their existing gas water heater to a hybrid electric heat pump water heater with a 50 gallon tank or greater hybrid electric heat pump water heater with an efficiency rating of 2.0 or greater. Must be a Georgia Power customer. Rebate offer ends December 31, 2016. This rebate cannot be combined with the Marathon water heater rebate offer. For more information, call 1.800.524.2421.

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Electric Water Heater Water Heating $300

If you have a single-family home, you may be eligible for a $300 rebate for converting from a gas to an electric water heater. For detailed program information call 1-800-524-2421.

Qualifying Conversion Guidelines. The single family unit must have all space heating provided by an electric heating system in order for the customer to qualify for the water heating conversion incentive. The electric heating system must have been previously installed prior to this offer. The customer must cancel gas service to qualify. Rebate offer ends December 31, 2016.

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Solar Water Heater Federal Tax Credits Water Heating Up to 30%

Federal income tax credits are available for residential solar water heaters in the amount of 30% of the cost provided the solar water heater is certified for performance by the Solar Rating Certification Corporation or comparable entity endorsed by the State of Georgia.

This information is not intended to be taken as tax advice. We suggest you contact your tax advisor with any questions about your specific situation.


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*Estimated energy costs based on the average size home in Georgia (2,146 sq ft) utilizing Georgia Power Company’s EZSIMRES energy simulation program. Estimated costs include water heating cost only. Electric costs based on Georgia Power residential R-17 rate and FCR – Schedule 23. These figures are estimates only – actual energy costs will vary based on individual equipment and usage.