C.O.P. (Coefficent of Performance)

Coefficient of Performance is the ratio of the rate of heat delivered versus the rate of energy output in consistent units. Or a complete, operating heat pump system operating under design conditions.


A compound that may have a base of oil, resin, latex or other materials, applied wherever two different materials or parts of the building, such as windows and door frames, meet.


A systematic process of tests, analyses, and follow-ups to ensure a building’s systems operate and interact as efficienty and effectively as possible.

Cooling Ton

Measure of cooling capacity equal to 12,000 BTU/hr.

Cooling Waste Heat Recover or Process Heating

An energy conservation system whereby some space heating or water heating is done by actively capturing byproduct heat that would otherwise be ejected into the environment. In nonresidential buildings, sources of waste heat include refrigeration/air-conditioner compressors, manufacturing or other processes, data processing centers, lighting fixtures, ventilation exhaust air, and the occupants themselves.