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There is a growing array of home products featuring energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diode) lighting—the same used in your mobile phone’s indicator light, but designed to illuminate your home. The more the technology advances—and it’s moving forward at a rapid rate—the quicker energy-efficient LED is outpacing its counterparts. A great energy-saving, low-maintenance lighting option that emits almost no heat, LEDs last up to 25 times longer than incandescents.

Kitchen Under-Cabinet Lighting

The capability of LEDs to emit strong lighting in a single direction makes them ideal for illuminating kitchen countertops. The light quality, while exceptional, is different–often more blue or cool–than other bulbs. If you’re considering installing or switching to under-cabinet LED lighting, be sure to compare which energy-efficient technology best suits your decor and is best for your particular task and surface area.

Read “How to Select Residential LED Under-cabinet Lighting” published by the Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies.

LED Replacement Bulbs

With performance improvements and dropping prices, LED lamps can replace 40, 60, and even 75 Watt incandescent bulbs. It’s important to read the Lighting Facts Label to make sure the product is the right brightness and color for the intended location. When chosen carefully, LED replacement products can be an excellent option. See the Solid-State Lighting website for information about general service LED lamps.


Portable Desk and Task Lighting

Due to their small size and directionality, LEDs are ideal for desk and task lighting. As the technology advances, the variety of portable LED lamp models is increasing, each offering its own level of light output, color quality and energy efficiency.

Recessed Downlights

Frequently used in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, recessed downlights are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates over 20 million are sold annually, and there are more than 500 million of these models in U.S. homes alone. Installed in a circular opening level with the ceiling, these fixtures concentrate light downward as a narrow spotlight or brood floodlight. LED and CFL technology can reduce downlight wattage by at least 75%.

Review the U.S. Department of Energy’s quality comparison of incandescents, CFLs, and LEDs in downlights.

Seasonal/Decorative Lighting

Seasonal or decorative light strings, such as those used on Christmas trees, are the most affordable and popular LED consumer product. In addition to providing better lighting quality, they burn cooler and can save over 90%* in utility costs. And, with their average life span of 20,000 hours, they can brighten up your home for at least 40 holiday seasons. Another great advantage: LED lights do not abruptly burn out, which means you won’t be spending time replacing individual unlit bulbs.

* Source: ENERGY STAR®