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Home Office


While working from home can save you money by reducing your commuting costs, it can also increase your electric bill—especially if your office and its equipment are inefficient. You can reduce your energy use by investing in high-efficiency electronics and power-saving devices like smartstrips and powerstrips.

Types of Home Office


Computers range dramatically in their size, configuration and components, especially when it comes to the home office. Some professionals require the use of multiple monitors, hard drives and operating systems, while others find a small laptop perfectly suits their needs. However simple or complex your computer, it can drain valuable energy when left on—or simply plugged in—when not in use. To save money and energy, unplug your computer equipment when you’re not operating it, or consider investing in a or , which—in addition to providing surge protection—enables you to control power to multiple devices from a single switch.

Multi-Purpose Machines

Save energy and space with ENERGY STAR® qualified multi-function devices that combine several capabilities and computer peripherals (print, fax, copy, scan). For additional energy savings, make sure power management features are enabled.

Learn what makes a device ENERGY STAR® compliant.