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Home Energy Monitors


When it comes to tracking and assessing your energy use—and saving electricity and money—few tools are as beneficial as a home energy monitor. Research demonstrates that seeing a real-time report of one’s electricity use can lead to substantial decreases in consumption—decreases that can add up to 15%* savings or more on your electric bill.

Much like a thermometer measures air temperature, a home energy monitor enables you to see firsthand just how and where you’re using your electricity. They help you identify and eliminate areas of unintentional energy loss—like, for example, devices that are always “on” even when they’re off. There are several types of monitors available ranging from those that track the usage of a single appliance to whole-house systems that generate at-the-moment readings and circuit-by-circuit usage history. When assessing your home energy monitoring needs, take into consideration the size of your living space and the number of home systems and appliances you own and operate. Most importantly, once you install a monitor, be sure to use it regularly.

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