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Dimmers help improve energy efficiency by enabling you to control the wattage and output of your lamps. Anytime you dim the lights, you reduce your energy consumption and increase your savings.

Fluorescent Dimmers

Comprised of dedicated fixtures and bulbs, fluorescent dimmers deliver even greater energy efficiency–and increased savings–than fluorescent lamps alone. If you want to control the level of light in any room while enhancing your home’s overall efficiency, consider installing a fluorescent dimmer.

Off-the-Shelf Dimmers

Designed for incandescent fixtures, off-the-shelf dimmers are inexpensive and somewhat easy to install, depending on your experience level. They generate moderate savings when the lights are dimmed, and significantly increase the life span of incandescent lamps. There are some compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) designed specifically for use in these types of dimming switches. Check the packaging carefully to see if the CFL you’re purchasing is compatible.